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Websites should be growth engines. Websites should generate leads, build awareness, foster trust, and improve sales

Nevin Digital is a growth agency that designs and develops high-impact websites that improve lead acquisition, conversion rates, and engagement. We design and develop websites that act as vehicles for growth of your business and increase your sales.

Complete Digital solutions for your business, not Just website design

Nevin Digital has been in the forefront of web design in Kenya for the last 3 years. Developing beautiful cutting edge website and mobile applications. We develop websites that fit every budget and match your business needs. We understand that your webite needs to generate more leads and clients. And Nevin Digital is dedicated to only achieve this, but also develop a reputable online presence.

Why Your Business or Firm Needs A website

By building a website you are giving your business the opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you. More and more, people look up the internet before purchasing a product or service. My goal is to give the best online experience possible for your clients on every device. Besides the basic elements of web design that make a site beautiful and visually compelling, a website must also always consider the end user.

Nevin Digital integrates the online and offline aspects of multimedia through our mastery of web design, marketing, and graphic design. We elevate the bar with our high page rank web sites according to the top search engine “Google,”.  We don’t stop when the design is finished. Nevin Digital excels in search engine optimization, web design, web hosting and web maintenance.

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Phone:0703 59 5860
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Why have a website that no one is visiting? Why have a website that is not adding any value to your firm? Here is where Nevin Digital comes in. We optimise your website to increase your online presence and visibility to your potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization is at the core of what we do at Nevin Digital. Owning a website without performing SEO is like having a car with petrol. It can sit there, simply existing, but it won’t get anywhere.

The practice aims at making the website more visible to web visitors. It is critical since internet users pay more visits to web pages with higher page rankings. Search Engine Optimization chiefly affects unpaid or organic search results.

Conversion counts and performance matters, but profit speaks loudest. We customise your business with an SEO strategy that considers your vision, your goals and your bottom line – this is at the core of our service. With an industry average ROI (Return on Investment) of 10x there is no room for risk. We do the work – you get the return. That is where our SEO services comes in.

How to engage an SEO consultant.

These may seem obvious to some, but the amount of times we’ve had clients come to us having had negative experiences with backward SEO sharks – it’s worth a mention.

No Such Thing As Instant Results

A good SEO strategy takes time. Search engine optimisation requires on-site improvements and off-site strategies that incrementally improve your website’s exposure organically over time. You should typically allow at least 4-6 months to implememt this strategy. Depending on the competitivenes of your niche, it may take even upto 6-8 months. Once you see positive results you will likely want to do more! An SEO strategy should be natural, rushing (blackhat SEO) this may get you penalized by Google.

Don’t Believe The “Guarantee”

A dodgy (or desperate) SEO expert might try to “Guarantee” you a number one spot on Google. Put simply – avoid them, they’re just lying to you. No honest SEO professional would suggest this. A good SEO strategy is far more complex and nuanced than this. Understanding the competition, what converts, and other oportunities can often be just as valuable as ranking number one. Number one is good – it just can’t be guaranteed. And It’s not like we can’t rank you number #1. We have websites ranking number #1. But it takes time.

Don’t Respond To SEO Spammers

You shouldn’t trust (or engage) an SEO Consultant/Agency that emails you out of the blue. Most of these so called SEO Experts that send you an email offering to fix your SEO are just mass spammers that have picked up your email address from somewhere. For them its a numbers game – spam as many people as possible in the hope they pick up a client. Then they do the bare minimum until the client realizes they’ve been duped.


We provide the best web design in Kenya. we have been providing customers with customized web solutions that drive results. Our web design team delivers exciting and effective websites, elevating your brand, engaging your customers and increasing your return on digital investment.

Having a website is just the beginning. But we put the wheels in motion for your business to reach its target audience in the exactly right way.

In today’s online world, your website is one of your main marketing tools, and the best way to reach a diverse market with efficiency. In our opinion, having a beautiful and functional website is a big part of the equation,and an integral part of an even bigger digital marketing strategy. Because of this, it’s our goal to provide our clients with a product that is not only great at first glance, but also has a user-friendly interface that they can mostly manage themselves.

Important Facts

A website in most cases is the first thing your potential customers see.
Put your best foot forward and invest in a website that will grow your business.

  • 94% of people cite design as the reason why they do not trust a website
  • 40% of web users leave pages that take more than 3 seconds to load
  • Colour is important! Green sites have a +3% growth, dark +2%, light +1.3% while red -1.35% growth
  • 70% of people read bullets lists

*Stats from Hubspot

What you need to look for:

  • Above all your site needs to look professional in order to convert your leads into sales so, it’s worth spending that little bit more.
  • Your new website needs to look and work well in browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly and fast loading.
  • Marketing! Unless you’re getting enough work your via referrals then your site will need SEO, Adwords, Social media or a combination of these.


As websites vary greatly in requirements, revisions, customisation and the size of the project, these factors all have an impact on the cost. We invite you to contact us here at Nevin Digital for a personalised quote taking into account of all your specific needs.

We don’t build one-size-fits-all websites here; we thrive on customisation and individuality. Our dedication to our customers and our prices are second to none!

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