Best Internet Providers in Kenya

Everyone knows how difficult finding a new internet plan can be. Reading countless offers can quickly get boring and exhausting. As a result, Kenyans often end up settling for a plan they don’t even like. This is the last thing we want to happen to you. To avoid this, we provide a list of the Best Internet Providers in Kenya.

Best Internet Providers in Kenya

1. Safaricom

They are a significant player in the wholesale sector and provide a wide range of telecom solutions. Safaricom Wholesale is positioned as a leading solutions supplier both locally and globally thanks to their infrastructure and knowledge. with an effortless link to the world’s top networks. In addition to providing coverage for rural places, they also offer regional networks with local assistance and the newest satellite and microwave technologies.

2. JTL

Privately owned Kenyan telecom company Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) provides mobile and broadband services under the “FAIBA” brand. Their goal is to connect Kenya for more productive and long-lasting progress.

3. Airtel Kenya

Airtel Kenya has over the years been on an expansion push intended to increase its presence while bringing its services closer to its clients in order to provide them with convenience. To date, Airtel has opened more than 60 retail locations across the nation to expand its sales and distribution network and develop its Airtel Money business. By offering everyone in Kenya useful and cutting-edge mobile solutions, Airtel Kenya, one of the country’s leading mobile communications firms, hopes to connect communities all over the country.

4. poa! Internet

Poa! internet links Africa’s underprivileged areas, enhancing lives by providing unrestricted access to opportunities and knowledge. They truly mean it when they say “Unlimited”! The only network that provides you with unlimited daily internet consumption and access to more than 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots is poa! home internet!


Call: 0730 762 762

5. Syokinet

Privately held Kenyan telecommunications company Syokinet Solutions provides internet services under the “Syokinet” brand. In order to provide customers with dependable and quick internet connections, Syokinet was established in August 2014 as a premier internet service provider (ISP) business. With their quick and dependable internet services, you can enhance your internet experience.

Call:+254 111 018 400


6. Telkom

In Kenya, Telkom is a technology company that offers integrated solutions to individuals, SMEs, the government, and large corporations. It does this by utilizing a wide range of solutions, including voice, data/connectivity, digital financial services, and network services. It is also a significant supplier of wholesale carrier-to-carrier traffic throughout the nation and the region, supported by its extensive fiber optic infrastructure.

7. Netcom kenya

In all of Kenya’s major towns, Netcom Kenya offers residences, office buildings, and educational institutions not just quick but dependable internet connections. You need an up-to-date IT specialist to advise you on the best options to implement given the ever evolving nature of technology. You can always benefit from the technical expertise and experience of Netom Kenya.



8. Unireach

Modern fleet management systems and internet services security products are available from Unireach Technology Limited. They introduced their comprehensive, most cost-effective, and user-friendly solution since, over the past few years, the demand for dependable solutions in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya has been indisputable. Their goods are appropriate for both big and small businesses.

Call:+254775 365 749



A full range of adaptable, scalable, and high-quality communications and cloud solutions are offered by SEACOM, which is the owner of Africa’s most extensive ICT data infrastructure, including multiple subsea cables, a dependable, continental IP-MPLS network, and Metro Fibre in major African Cities. Since SEACOM is privately owned and run, the company has the flexibility to quickly adapt to client needs and implement new services, business models, and infrastructure. without the bureaucracy or hidden expenses that are so common in this sector.

10. Embarq

Through the years, Embarq LTD has established a reputation as a WISP that offers corporate clients quick and reliable internet access. By connecting businesses with extremely dependable, scalable, and high capacity internet and last mile solutions, they have established a reputation as an alternative broadband communication service provider in a relatively short amount of time. They provide telephony solutions via a PBX telephone system that links the telephone extensions for your office users to the Public Switched Telephone Network or Service Provider lines.

Call:+254 792 565571


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