Best Video Production Companies in Kenya

Video production services can provide serious benefits for businesses. Luckily, Kenya has some of the best video production companies to hire. Use our list to find and connect with a video production company in Kenya. Evaluate their case studies, project types, and client reviews to determine which company is the best fit for you.

Best Video Production Companies in Kenya

1. Story x Design

“We make complex yet effortless stories about our changing world. We build narratives using whatever digital tools suit the job, from video, photos, graphics to data viz, websites, and interactives. We also offer our skills and experience to help international organizations produce powerful, meaningful stories through strategic collaboration and training.

With over a decade of collective experience, Story × Design has worked with esteemed international clients including The World Bank, IKEA Foundation, Green Climate Fund, Acumen, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, UN Environment, CNN and The New Humanitarian.”

2. HQue Media

HQue’s goal is to help you succeed with video. When you contact us, our team takes time to understand your goals and what you are looking to achieve. Production usually requires three stages; Planning, Filming and Editing. We have a transparent video production process that puts our customer first to ensure that our video experience is easy and stress-free.”

Call 0746 110 762

3. Ivory media

“Specializing in Audio visual storytelling, we provides high-quality, affordable video production services for brands and agencies worldwide. We are your go-to source for excellent results. From development to production, our company is here to transmit your ideas into a stunning visual representation.

Explore our site for videos, service information and fixer services.”            0701 829 788

4. Janeson

“Janeson’s restless spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and market disruption has built up diverse solutions in a few industries. At Janeson, we’re known for challenging the status quo and shaking up markets, while championing people and building strong communities.

We are a reliable team of rates, service provision and delivering of the projects. Our team is able to work through schedules and beat the timeline just for the clients satisfaction as we pride in what we call work.  This is your team if you need a group of people you can work hand in hand with.”

5. Elite Media

“We are a full-service digital media company. We create digital strategies from inception and application to address your challenges and support you in meeting your business goals and objectives.

We help you develop engaging content that conforms with your brand strategy & resonates with your ideal customers.”      


“ORAMEDIA is a Photography and Video Production Company based in Nairobi with professional ties in both Kenya and Canada. We are fully charged with the responsibility of developing Quality, Affordable, Effective, and Efficient content to our ever growing wide category of clients.We are constantly inspired by nature and the simple beauty in our everyday lives.”

7. X-Media

“We have a strong client base across a broad range of private, public sector companies and organisations. We specialise in producing suites of video and content across all media formats, ensuring consistency of communication and design across your full range of channels.

When it comes to country fixing we scout for the proper human and material resources necessary to facilitate your production within the East African region. Our extensive catalogue of work has taken us frequently to Kenya\’s neighboring countries so we have built up a significant network to help foreign crews film in the region. X-Media Kenya is your go-to company for film production in East Africa.”

+254 722 520238


“We\’re a Nairobi-headquartered video agency studio that uses video content to trigger consumer epiphanies – because epiphanies create clarity. And people love clarity. We believe that, above all else, people need to understand what you do, why you matter, or how you\’re different because they won\’t buy what they don\’t understand. Whether Marketing, training, recruiting or explaining? Videos will supercharge your efforts.”



9. Selene

“With years of experience,Selene is one of the top video production companies in Nairobi, Kenya. We understand the importance of professional-grade video content for branding, marketing, and social media engagement. Our top-notch creative team of writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors will work with you to make the video production process as painless and rewarding as possible.”

Call us on +254-73-444-999-5   

10. Kubwa Studios

“We are a recording Studio baised in Mombasa, Kenya. we specialise in working

with songwriters and artists to cut highly professional and POLISHED VERSIONS their songs/tracks for release or demo purposes. We are home of hits in

Mombasa,We have produced some of the biggest names in the music industry


Contact Mail:

11. Protel Studios

“As a leading independent TV content and production company in Kenya, we offer creativity backed up by years of professional experience to deliver quality productions for Television, Radio, Online Digital and Mobile platforms. Using market research, combined with your wish-list, our experienced creative team provides you with a unique plan of action, destined for great results.”


P.O. Box 34229, Kenya, 00100 +254 (0) 20 444 0055

12.Cinematic Solutions

“We are a Pan-African Video Production Company with over 25 years experience based in Kenya. As your one stop media partner in Africa, we have credits for producing over 10,000 hours of both local (Kenyan) and International content such as Feature films, Documentaries, Episodic Dramas, Video Essays, Audio Dubbing, Visual Documentation Support for Researchers, Radio and Television Commercials.”

13. Ace Creative

“Ace Creative is a graphic design studio in Nairobi. Our expert team combines strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver better results for our customers. Our clients benefit from our technical expertise, design, creativity, and content strategy.

No project is too big or too small for us, and we promise to deliver on time and on budget. Ace Creative is proud of its entire clientele, big and small. Please contact us if you require any of the following services.”

Milestone Business Centre Northern Bypass Rd. 4th Floor Office E1

Nairobi, Kenya

14. Blue Sky Films

“Blue Sky Films is a Kenyan company that has been facilitating and producing outstanding film and television shows throughout East and Central Africa for over eighteen years. Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of productions ranging from television commercials to reality shows, documentaries, music videos and still photography shoots, to facilitating production of major hollywood films, such as ‘’The Constant Gardener”, “Tomb Raider 2: Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life, The First Grader”                   +254 722 205 808


“HAWKEYE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS is a Video Production Company, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Since day one, we’ve been working with industry leaders in every genre and format, and pride ourselves on the professional, thorough, and, most importantly, creative services we offer.

We welcome work from all sectors and will work around the clock to produce cutting-edge video content that is engaging, original and dynamic. Take a look at our services and showreel to learn more about what we can do for you, and get in touch today so we can start collaborating.”

16. East West Records

“East West Records is a Record Company internationally acclaimed for its unique services for high class brands.We have rendered music/video production services to celebrities.Our team is made up of creative minds that are fully dedicated to meeting the demands and needs of our clients with efficiency and professionalism.”

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