SEO Services in Kenya


Reliable SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

At Nevin Digital Solutions, we deliver market leading SEO services in Nairobi Kenya that transform businesses, large & small. Invest in the future success of your business with a tailored SEO strategy that will grow your business online presence.

Our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya helps your business get improved rankings and relevant target traffic. We offer your business website visible and effective online search presence leading to a considerable increase of leads, sales and profitability. Our SEO services covers both new and existing old websites.

For new websites, we will develop an SEO friendly website following all recommended SEO best practices. This will ensure that your website is easily crawled and getting significance traffic within the first 6 months of development. For existing websites, we perform free SEO audits and then advice you on what needs to be done to get improved rankings and traffic to your website.

SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

Screenshot of sample results of what our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya can do for you. Within a month we were able to deliver more website visits from 3oo visits in may to 2727 visits in June 2020

Nevin Digital Solutions has become sought after SEO company in Nairobi Kenya following successful delivery of our previous SEO projects. We strive to offer the best SEO services in Nairobi Kenya and maximum return on investment to SEO services to every client.


About Our SEO Services in Kenya

Evaluating the success of your SEO efforts involves much more than seeing if you’ve improved your rank in Google or not.

SEO reporting requires an in-depth analysis of your website’s monthly search traffic. This includes assessing how many page views and sessions you received, what your bounce rate is, how long your visitors spent on your site, and several other technical components.

CTR. % of people visiting the website vs seeing it
Impressions. People who see your website online
ROI. Hepls in scaling and improving SEO plan
SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

SEO Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Since you already know what our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya will do for you, the next question is how much will SEO cost me? Providing a specif figure will be misleading. Here is why. Cost charged by an SEO agency should always depend on the amount of work that will be done. Therefore, website SEO audit and analysis has to be done.

This will give us an idea on the level of competition, and the difficulty of ranking of popilar keywords in that specific industry. Once this is done we can be able to share the pricing with you. The cost of SEO in Nairobi Kenya can vary from Ksh. 5000 per month or agreed payment plan.

If you wish to get the cost estimate, we can provide one free of charge with no obligations attached. Give us a call or fill the form with your details and let us get back to you. Kindly check our SEO projects on our portfolio page.

If you are a small but national business in a competitive space, then you are going to need to pay more for SEO than a small business in a local space. Think e-commerce online store versus a local plumber. The size of your market and potential profit will to some extent dictate what you should be spending to be in the running.

So, what should you pay? How do you determine the value of SEO? The only true answer to this question lies in your business and current situation. If profits are big, expect more competition. If profit is low, then typically, there will be less competition. If you have a long way to go, expect to pay more than if you just need a final push into the top three.

SEO & Web Design

The above mainly looks at the monthly costs of SEO assuming a well-optimized website is already in place. If that is not the case, you may need to consider the costs to build an SEO-friendly website. Your website is your home online and is central to your SEO efforts. A well-optimized website platform that delivers amazing usability for mobile users is crucial. This can be a big investment, but a website that is not built with search and happy users in mind is an SEO hindrance.

Social media signals are also important to ranking thus you will need to work it as well.

Professional SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our best SEO services in Kenya will groom your website rank and move it to the top of the page. Boost your traffic and leads.

Optimize your website for Kenya SEO today! Make the investment to help your website rank higher in search engines so that more customers find your site and your conversion rates grow exponentially.

Link Building

Quality backlinks are one of the greatest ranking factors. We work around providing your website with the quality niche related links which impacts SEO

Keyword Research

We don’t just optimise but we research the most searched keywords using tools such as ahrefs to ensure that your website ranks for high volume SEO keywords.

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO ensures that your code and content are fully optimized for search engine crawling, ranking and indexing.

Content Creation

Content is the bread and butter of every website. It encompasses everything from the actual text to visuals like images, infographics, and videos.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your business appear in Google’s Map Pack, and your website to be easily found with people who are loacated close to your business location.

Rank Tracking

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How to Choose Best SEO Company in Kenya

Companies that select an S.E.O company based primarily on factors such as location, price, or culture fit, as opposed to company knowledge and performance, are not doing enough homework before entering into a partnership. Learn how to choose an S.E.O company (and avoid the above scenario) with these three steps:

1. Look at the S.E.O agency’s past performance

Performance matters for not only S.E.O agencies but also businesses like yours. People look at what your company’s done to determine if you can deliver. You should do the same when choosing an S.E.O company. Look at their past performance, whether through portfolio examples, case studies, industry awards, or client testimonials. With concrete proof of an S.E.O agency’s performance, your business can go into a consultation or partnership with confidence. You know that you’re choosing a good S.E.O company for achieving your goals for growing your business.

2. Ask past or current clients about their experience

Next, you want to connect with past or current clients. Reading testimonials, as well as in-depth interviews, can help your company get insight into the client experience. You can learn about the agency’s strengths and weaknesses, plus preview the strategy and reporting process.

  • How fast does the agency return calls or emails?
  • Do clients receive a dedicated point-of-contact or different ones?
  • How much time do clients have to set aside to review reports and strategy decisions?

 3. Meet the S.E.O company and ask questions

The final step in how to choose an S.E.O company revolves around meeting your potential agencies. Before you sign with an S.E.O agency, you want to meet them. Whether you meet in-person or virtually, like through a video conference, that face-to-face meeting can help your team determine if they are the right S.E.O company for you. When you meet with your potential agencies, make sure to compile a list of questions.

What experience do you have with our business’s industry? When should we expect to see results? How much do your S.E.O services cost? For the best meet-and-greet, brainstorm various questions with your team and company leaders. While your team may have questions about strategy and reporting, your decision-makers may have questions about pricing and return on investment

So, when you’re wondering what to look for in an S.E.O company, look for the following:

  • Evidence of successful past performance
  • Strong transparency and reporting
  • Customer service and attention
  • Thought leadership and knowledge transfer
  • Customized, fair pricing
  • Specialization in the service you need

Advantages of Local SEO

  1. It helps local businesses identify their customers. It helps local customers find the right business for their needs.
  2. It helps customers gain valuable information about the business they are looking for like its benefits etc. For example, if your business has delivery service, then those customers will be attracted to it which need products at their door steps.
  3. It helps businesses stand out locally among local searches and it helps to drive more traffic through online leads.
  4. Local SEO lays a strong platform for strong customer relationship with customers. They more data the business provides, the more beneficial for its growth.
  5. It helps local businesses build brand awareness among their customers. When the business site appears on top of search engines, it will be more valued by customers.

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