SEO Services in Kenya

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Reliable SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

At Nevin Digital Solutions, we deliver market leading SEO services in Nairobi Kenya that transform businesses, large & small. Invest in the future success of your business with a tailored SEO strategy that will grow your business online presence.

Our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya helps your business get improved rankings and relevant target traffic. We offer your business website visible and effective online search presence leading to a considerable increase of leads, sales and profitability. Our SEO services covers both new and existing old websites.

For new websites, we will develop an SEO friendly website following all recommended SEO best practices. This will ensure that your website is easily crawled and getting significance traffic within the first 6 months of development. For existing websites, we perform free SEO audits and then advice you on what needs to be done to get improved rankings and traffic to your website.

SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

It’s no secret that finding a trustworthy and reliable digital marketing agency is hard work. In particular, finding an SEO Company in Kenya that can deliver on their “first-page results” promise can seem like an insurmountable task. In an industry that is built on everyone claiming to have the secret recipe for SEO success, how do you find an agency that actually knows what they’re doing?

Our approach to search engine optimisation has been refined over years of experience. With every business that we work with, we continue to learn and evolve. There are over 200 factors influencing Google’s search algorithm and they’re constantly changing. With so many elements at play, it makes sense to work with a dedicated Nairobi SEO company who live and breathe search engine optimisation.

Dominate Google and grow conversions

Turn more traffic into more sales. We know there’s no point in sending traffic to your website if it’s the wrong traffic. We use our years of experience and expertise in Nairobi SEO strategies to make your site climb the Google rankings naturally, and get in front of the people most likely to convert. That’s the only way to drive serious revenue.

Team up with local SEO masters

Work with the most talented Kenyan SEO specialists and start growing faster. We’re a passionate and proven team of search gurus who know how to use digital marketing to drive the right traffic, deliver leads and turbocharge sales. As part of your team, our #1 goal is to help you win by generating new leads and customers. We’ll stop at nothing less.

Global trends, local execution

Meet the SEO company in Nairobi Kenya that businesses rely on for revenue-busting results. With countless years of experience of SEO in Kenya, we know what Google likes and we keep on top of the latest trends and updates to make sure your SEO strategy always ticks the right boxes. No smoke and mirrors. Just smart and creative search marketing.

Tailor-made & Affordable SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

Did you know that 75% of people don’t scroll any further than page one of search results?! If you’re not on page one of Google’s SERPs, you’re basically invisible. And no one wants that. But how do you rise in those competitive ranks and become more noticeable in your industry – and how do you stay there?

With a skilled SEO optimization company in Kenya, that’s how. In today’s world, online users expect instant gratification and are unlikely to scroll too far to find your business. Nevin Digital Solutions is bringing affordable SEO services , the key to unlocking your potential and putting your company in front of more relevant eyes. With a nationwide approach, we get you the growth you need, where you need it.

Why you need Search Engine Optimization?

More than 5.6 billion searches are made every single day on Google. That’s over 63,000 per second – and a lot of potential eyes on your website who are already searching for products and services just like yours. By working with a top SEO Company in Nairobi Kenya, your business can start appearing high up in those search results. Imagine the potential it could hold for your business.

How does SEO work?

SEO is a full-time job. There’s a lot of fluctuating results and moving targets going on behind the scenes – and that’s before Google sweeps in and makes an algorithm change to make their search results even more user-friendly and accurate. If you’re already busy running your business, can you really afford to take more time out trying to unravel the secrets to ranking number one?

Keep up with Google and ensure your business doesn’t fall behind with Nevin Digital Solutions. We’re SEO experts in Kenya that know how to create long-lasting campaigns that both Google and your customers will love.

Be wary of agencies that offer Band-Aid solutions and then scarper once you notice the cracks! Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that calls for constant monitoring, tweaking and an approach that covers all bases. We’re an SEO consulting company that understands the dedication required – which means we have what you need.

See your sales skyrocket with laser-sharp SEO.

Engage the right traffic for more conversions and watch your revenue explode. When you partner with the best Nairobi search engine optimisation company, that’s what you can expect.

Boosting your search engine rankings is great, but our #1 focus is on putting you in front of the right kind of traffic. Because we know that’s where the real magic happens: more conversions, more sales and more revenue.

Finally, Nairobi SEO company you can rely on for the long game.


SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

SEO Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Since you already know what our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya will do for you, the next question is how much will SEO cost me? Providing a specif figure will be misleading. Here is why. Cost charged by an SEO agency should always depend on the amount of work that will be done. Therefore, website SEO audit and analysis has to be done.

This will give us an idea on the level of competition, and the difficulty of ranking of popilar keywords in that specific industry. Once this is done we can be able to share the pricing with you. The cost of SEO in Nairobi Kenya can vary from Ksh. 5000 per month or agreed payment plan.

If you wish to get the cost estimate, we can provide one free of charge with no obligations attached. Give us a call or fill the form with your details and let us get back to you. Kindly check our SEO projects on our portfolio page.

If you are a small but national business in a competitive space, then you are going to need to pay more for SEO than a small business in a local space. Think e-commerce online store versus a local plumber. The size of your market and potential profit will to some extent dictate what you should be spending to be in the running.

So, what should you pay? How do you determine the value of SEO? The only true answer to this question lies in your business and current situation. If profits are big, expect more competition. If profit is low, then typically, there will be less competition. If you have a long way to go, expect to pay more than if you just need a final push into the top three.

SEO & Web Design

The above mainly looks at the monthly costs of SEO assuming a well-optimized website is already in place. If that is not the case, you may need to consider the costs to build an SEO-friendly website. Your website is your home online and is central to your SEO efforts. A well-optimized website platform that delivers amazing usability for mobile users is crucial. This can be a big investment, but a website that is not built with search and happy users in mind is an SEO hindrance.

Social media signals are also important to ranking thus you will need to work it as well.

Professional SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our best SEO services in Kenya will groom your website rank and move it to the top of the page. Boost your traffic and leads.

Optimize your website for Kenya SEO today! Make the investment to help your website rank higher in search engines so that more customers find your site and your conversion rates grow exponentially.

Link Building

Quality backlinks are one of the greatest ranking factors. We work around providing your website with the quality niche related links which impacts SEO

Keyword Research

We don’t just optimise but we research the most searched keywords using tools such as ahrefs to ensure that your website ranks for high volume SEO keywords.

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO ensures that your code and content are fully optimized for search engine crawling, ranking and indexing.

Content Creation

Content is the bread and butter of every website. It encompasses everything from the actual text to visuals like images, infographics, and videos.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your business appear in Google’s Map Pack, and your website to be easily found with people who are loacated close to your business location.

Rank Tracking

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Why Choose Nevin Digital for SEO in Kenya?

Nevin Digital is an ROI-centric Kenya SEO agency that leverages a wealth of performance data, competitor research, and years of experience to create SEO strategies that facilitate growth. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what it takes to generate organic traffic, leads, and sales for your business with search engine optimisation.

We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate SEO Nairobi Experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, exaggerated traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We’re a Kenyan SEO Company that deals in facts, figures, and ROI. We’re motivated by helping businesses reach heights that they didn’t know were possible.

Working with Nevin Digital SEO means you’ll gain all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the pitfalls and financial responsibility of a dedicated in-house SEO team. Nevin Digital Solutions can work separately or collaboratively with your internal digital marketing team to set goals and implement organic marketing initiatives. Each step of our digital marketing strategy is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your business.

About Our SEO Services in Kenya

SEO services in Kenya, are becoming one of the most sought-after digital marketing services technique. We’ve been delivering professional SEO services in Nairobi and Kenyan organizations. Search engine optimization is the process of making your website more search engine friendly and also user-friendly encompassing skills in content creation, and social media marketing.

This makes your website have a great presence online and thus generating organic traffic. There are more search engine optimization factors that make your website rank higher. These factors keep on changing over time.

If your website keyword doesn’t rank you on the first page of search engines, then you lose out on business generated from ranking on the first page. SEO is crucial to all organization regardless you’re a computer hardware or ICT services specialist like us. Search Engine Marketing is also being embraced as a quicker way of getting on the first page of google results.

Delivering Professional SEO services in Nairobi Kenya

While delivering our SEO Services in Nairobi and Kenya is a great achievement, we look to grow even more into the international world. We focus on our client business and help them even develop it further through our SEO services.

Looking for a top rated SEO company in Kenya? Look no further. SEO is one of the most economical ways of capturing real estate on search engines. After all, what good is your site if it fails to show up? Unlike other agencies, we do not claim to have any special tricks. Good SEO is all about being true to the process and ensuring that your website is search engine friendly and that you follow the search engine algorithmic updates and guidelines. We boost website’s presence on search engines through our tried and tested Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodology – strictly adhering to ‘white hat techniques’.

Search Engine Optimization describes the practice of optimizing the web content located on a website in order to facilitate potential customers finding the business and to help rank the business higher in the search engines. When a business is ranked higher in the search engines, it appears closer to the first page of listings which makes it even easier to get found and produce sales. At Nevin Digital Solutions Ltd., we are one of the leading providers of SEO services in Nairobi, Kenya, and the surrounding areas. Businesses across all industries can expect to receive personalized services and focused SEO services to help their companies rank higher in the search engines.


At Nevin Digital Solutions, our search engine optimization can help you to improve your website and attract visitors. When your customers find you online through certain keywords that we select, you have a chance to convert them into paying customers and to develop a relationship with them for repeat business. We are known for our excellence in the field of SEO as well as for our professionalism with each every client. Based in Nairobi, we are able to provide the cutting edge search engine optimization solutions you can benefit from.

Why You Need Our SEO Services

We ensure your website appear on the first page of search engine. SEO is an unending process and we aim to keep you on the top of google by regularly optimizing your website.

We know the importance SEO friendly content. Our experts edit the content, images and other relevant business information to meet the requirement of search engines.

We also do extensive research to find the best key words for you. This is to make sure you are unique in the market.

Our services are world class. Majority of our clients see real progress within the first 6 months. Their business website appear on top of search engines and they experience increase in revenues.

We provide detailed reports after every month informing you about SEO progress. This include some information such as the number of clicks to your website, number of people have been finding you etc.


How Your Website Is Performing?

    How Does SEO in Kenya Work?

    If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business or website who was searching for SEO Nairobi company. If that’s the case, you’re seeing the power of Search Engine Optimisation first hand.
    If you’ve been researching Nairobi SEO services for your business or new website, you’ve probably read a lot of conflicting information. The truth is, there are thousands of contradictory articles about digital marketing and SEO. All you really need to know is that SEO is a repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines (such as Google and Bing) that your pages are worth showing in the search engine results pages (on page SEO).
    Google uses a complex mathematical formula with over 200 signals to determine its ranking algorithm. As a dedicated Melbourne SEO Agency, it’s our job to understand and implement the most important ranking factors so that you can out-rank and outperform your competition.
    Unlike some of our competitors, we understand that what matters most to your business isn’t ranking charts or theoretical traffic. Our Nairobi SEO firm is obsessed with ROI. We drive highly-relevant, targeted traffic to your website by targeting the most lucrative and profitable keywords and key phrases for your business.
    Whether you want to drive local, high-converting, targeted traffic to your business with a dedicated SEO strategy, or you’re looking to break into the national or international market, the Nevin Digital SEO company in Kenya can build the blueprint for your success.

    SEO for Quality Traffic

    SEO is the most powerful inbound digital marketing strategy.
    Unlike traditional advertising models which involve reaching out to customers even when they’re not interested in your products or services, SEO is an inbound digital marketing online strategy that makes it easy for your target audience to find you.
    SEO is customer-centric. You’re not cold calling, sending spam emails or interrupting with annoying social media marketing pop-up ads, you’re appearing in front of potential customers organically in the SERPs.
    SEO is more convenient and less intrusive for consumers. Instead of bombarding an unwilling target audience with irrelevant information, you’re providing a valuable resource that is addressing their specific search query. We’ll go the extra mile to learn your potential customers are searching for and put your business in front of them at exactly the right time.

    How Do I Know That I’m Working With an Expert?

    Not sure if you can trust another SEO company in Nairobi? Here’s what we can do to prove we’re the real deal. Take a minute to search “SEO + nairobi or Kenya”. You’ll find Nevin Digital on page one for all of these locations. Chances are, you stumbled across this page by Googling “SEO in Kenya”. Want to know why we keep ranking well? Because we practice what we preach – we use SEO! We do not use any pay per click ads to try and sell our SEO services in Nairobi. In fact, using paid ads or social media to promote organic strategies would be ridiculously ironic.
    Nevin Digital’s website relies on the same clever SEO strategies that we plan on implementing onto your website. Contrary to how some of our larger competitors operate, we don’t have a separate SEO team for our own website, and another for clients websites. Working with Nevin Digital means that your site will benefit from the same expert SEO techniques that our website has. After all, first page results are the best proof of concept that a search engine optimisation company can have.
    Insiders Tip: The SEO agencies using pay per click ads to promote their services don’t really know what they are doing. That’s why they are paying for ads. The top SEO companies in Nairobi (yes, there are others out there that know what they are doing), will search engine optimisation to promote their services.
    By now, we’re lucky to have worked with a wide variety of businesses operating in an extensive range of industries. Want to see the effectiveness of an SEO campaign in Nairobi with an existing client? You can request an SEO case study that shows our SEO services’ actions, results, and outcomes in Nairobi Kenya.

    Why is SEO Important in 2021?

    Paying for digital marketing advertising is expensive. 84% of Google’s revenue in 2018 was derived from advertising. Those ads that appear in the middle of articles and scattered throughout organic search results, that’s all Google Advertising.
    The scary thing is, pay per click Google Ads are getting more expensive by the day. In order to reduce paid advertising and create a long term and sustainable revenue stream for your business needs, SEO is an absolute necessity.
    To get seen by potential customers, your site and its content need to be optimised so that search engines can read it and visitors can enjoy it. SEO is a delicate balancing act; your website needs to appeal to Google without sacrificing the user experience.
    Google doesn’t want to show just any website to its searchers, it wants to show websites that are valuable to the user. Unlike pay per click advertisement or social media marketing, SEO is about understanding how to curate information in a way that search engines can understand, and users can enjoy online.

    What are Benefits of SEO in Nairobi Kenya?

    Working with a search engine optimisation expert at Nevin Digital delivers a tangible increase in online presence and search visibility for your business. But that’s not how we will measure the success of your SEO strategy. We stand by the belief that an increase in search visibility due to SEO is only beneficial when we can back it up with a measurable ROI after a set period of time.
    There is a very clear difference between research phrases and buying phases when it comes to search marketing online. For example, take the 2 phrases: “Lounges” and “3 Seat Fabric Lounge Nairobi”. The first phrase may have a much higher search volume (which looks great on paper), whereas the second phrase has a lower search volume and a much higher purchase intent. As an SEO comapny in Nairobi, we’ve learnt the importance of targeting key phrases that put your business in front of the right customers at the exact moment they are ready to buy.
    SEO Delivers Long Lasting Traffic
    Unlike PPC (pay per click) and other paid advertising mediums, SEO provides a long term digital asset for your business. Long after paid marketing and social media campaigns have finished, SEO is working behind the scenes to deliver qualified leads to your business.
    Compared to other Nairobi digital marketing mediums, search engine optimisation continues to deliver a return on investment for the weeks, months and, years after your investment has finished. When done right SEO is second to none.
    Nevin Digital SEO services can be tweaked and scaled as your business continues to grow. Our SEO company will build a framework that drives your immediate business objectives and gives you the space to grow and evolve down the line.

    Our Approach to SEO Nairobi Services

    Our strategy for Melbourne SEO has been developed and refined by working with clients in almost every industry. SEO is dynamic and we never stop learning.
    We’ll do a full analysis of your website, content and current position in order to understand what is holding you back.
    Once we’ve identified changes that can be made both on and off-site, we will conduct keyword research during your initial SEO audit to decide which are going to drive traffic for your business. We take the time to research your competitors and implement strategies to help you outrank them for their most lucrative keywords.
    Once we have all of the information we need, we then curate and create content to improve your search engine visibility and user experience.

    Are Our SEO in Kenya Services Worth Relying on?

    SEO services are the most powerful way to improve your website visibility in Kenya, Victoria. Nevin Digital SEO Agency Kenya is a dedicated SEO company helping businesses to reach new customers and acquire valuable leads that drive meaningful traffic to your website.
    By finding this web page, you are experiencing the power of search engine optimisation first-hand. You found us because of a Google search – the same way you want clients to reach you.
    Ranking for “SEO Kenya” is amongst the most challenging keywords in the country. Think about it; all of our rivals are SEO specialists and competing SEO agencies who are all competing for your business. If we can rank Nevin Digital SEO agency at the top of the SEO results when you were searching for SEO Agency Kenya, just think what our search engine optimisation service can do for your business.
    If you want to outperform your competitors, it makes sense to work with an SEO company who understands the ranking factors behind your current search position. We are a dedicated SEO agency working solely with companies who want to increase their organic visibility. We have partnered with companies across a wide variety of niches, and we understand the recipe for more organic traffic, for what each business needs.
    We spend all of our time monitoring changes to search engines, keeping up with the newest search engine algorithms update, and staying on top of the SERPs. Unlike our competitors who offer a smorgasbord of social media and digital marketing services, we focus singularly on SEO. We don’t do social media marketing, we don’t do pay per click or any other online marketing medium. We do SEO, and we do it really well.
    Depending on your business, there are hundreds (or thousands) of companies all fighting for that number one spot on Google. If you’ve seen a rival who is continually appearing on page 1 for lucrative search terms for your industry, there is a good chance they worked with an SEO Kenya company or digital marketing agency at some point in the life of their website. That suggests that they have implemented SEO plans that have assisted them in getting to where they are. If you want to catch and pass them, you need to partner with the best SEO experts who know why that business is ahead of you and what you need to bridge the gap.
    Google is continuously browsing pages and refreshing rankings to deliver content that best serves the need of its users. If you can show that your site features more relevant information that reflects the principles of SEO marketing — then you can outrank them.
    If you have been looking for a way to improve your online visibility, partnering with a specialised SEO company like Nevin Digital is a step in the right direction. Every cent that you invest in SEO companies is strengthening your business for the future. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies through Google AdWords or social media marketing channels, the benefits that you gain from working with an experienced SEO specialist will continue to help your business for years following your last invoice.
    SEO marketing is different from conventional advertising models. Rather than reaching out to clients at a time when they’re not interested in your product or service, organic search marketing reaches buyers at the time when they are looking to read more about your goods or service. As a result, the conversion rate from search traffic is significantly higher and considerably more lucrative than website traffic that comes from outreach marketing strategies.
    At Nevin Digital, we focus on implementing white hat SEO that will increase your search visibility for years to come. We aim to create a sustainable and scalable framework that will proceed to serve your company for years after you have paid your final bill.
    Kenya is an exceptionally competitive market. To reach the top of the SEO results, we first need to assess your competition. Unlike other SEO companies, our SEO experts don’t focus on taking you to the top of Google for arbitrary keywords so that will look good at the end of the month report. We want to get your company to page one for phrases that are going to develop your business. The success of our SEO services is marked by how much we can improve your overall bottom line.

    What Do SEO Services in Kenya Involve?

    The most important thing to know about SEO in Nairobi VIC is that it is changing all the time. Nothing is ever where you left it, and it’s important to continuously tweak and improve your site to stay ahead of the competition. SEO is continually changing, as a dedicated team of experts; it’s our job to know where the Google algorithm is headed and perform adjustments for your website that are going to increase your organic visibility.
    The most recent SEO stats reveal that on-page keyword use remains the most critical on-site ranking factor. That means if you want to appear at the top of Google, it’s imperative to carry out meticulous keyword research and execute the findings across relevant web pages. It’s essential to recognise keyword intent, difficulty, search trends, and to perform a competitor keyword analysis to know what the most valuable keywords are going to be for your company.
    Customised Monthly SEO Reporting
    Tracking website performance and growth starts (and finishes) with reporting. Before we can execute the strategies set to increase your organic visibility in Nairobi, we first need to gauge what success looks like for your business. We rely on the Google Search Console and Google Analytics data from your website to understand your baseline traffic figures.
    Work with just any SEO company in Nairobi, and you’ll probably receive a generic monthly report that provides little to no real explanatory data. There’s nothing worse than a general template, leaving you to your own devices to work out which data actually applies to your business. At Nevin Digital, our Nairobi SEO reports are custom built to address your campaign’s unique deliverables and your business’ goals.
    Not every month is going to be ground-breaking. Some SEO specialists will manipulate their monthly data and reports to make every month look exceptionally bigger than the last. We don’t hide behind big numbers and large graphs.
    Each month of a campaign presents a unique set of challenges. If we come across a month that does not achieve the set goals. On those months, we will go the extra mile to understand why, before delivering a plan of attack.
    We employ cutting edge search marketing strategies, which means that we’re learning something new each month. We don’t rely on old-school cookie-cutter tactics, and our approach is always changing and evolving.
    We Deliver Long-Lasting SEO Results
    Our goal is to help you to attract high-converting, relevant, and lucrative visitors that are genuinely interested in your offerings as a business. Our SEO strategy and campaigns focus on securing your future success long term; long after you have stopped working with us. The Nevin Digital SEO agency will design a plan for your journey and develop an on-site structure that you can continue to tweak and scale as your business expands.
    On-Site SEO
    On-site SEO involves optimising the on-page components of your website to improve organic search visibility. In the most simplistic terms, on-site SEO is a method whereby we will fine-tune all of the on-page parts that affect the way that Google crawls and understands content and data on the page. It’s our job to create content that search bots can crawl and easily read. In addition to creating content that search bots can easily crawl, we also provide content that engages users.
    On-site optimisation is the first step in every campaign. Before we begin to look at ways that we can optimise your online presence and visibility with off-page tweaks, we start by creating a framework for your website by preparing all of the on-page elements.
    Technical SEO
    There are a plethora of technical SEO factors that influence how your website presents in the search engine results pages. The act of recognizing, understanding, and correcting any on-site technical SEO problems is an enormous component of an effective SEO campaign. Some of the technical SEO elements that we address with each website include (but are not limited to):

    HTTPS status and SSL security layer
    • Website speed and page load time
    • Hosting suitability
    • Sitemap
    • Broken pages
    • Website crawlability
    • Broken internal links
    • Broken backlinks
    • Duplicate content concerns (on-site + competitors)
    • Structured data (schema mark-up)
    • Robots.txt file settings

    These are just a few of the most common technical SEO issues that we assess. Generally speaking, we first rectify any notable technical concerns within the first month of your campaign. In circumstantial situations, it may take a couple of months to address all outstanding technical matters.
    Link Building Still Matters in 2021
    As of 2021, backlinks account for roughly 50% of how a website appears in the Google search results. Engaging the Leading SEO Nairobi has to offer means building sustainable backlinks. We create links that will dramatically increase search engine visibility over time. Whether you have worked with an SEO company in the past, or this is your first time working on SEO – backlinks are an indispensable element in every successful SEO campaign.
    In many cases, Nairobi business owners come to us with the same questions:
    “My content is significantly better than my competition, and yet, they are ranking above my website in Google – Why?”
    Invariably, the answer is almost always backlinks.
    Not all backlinks are created equally. Furthermore, not all backlinks are going to be beneficial for your website. Below are a few of the most important factors that we consider when building links for a client:

    The domain rating, google rating and authority of the referring link
    • The number of outbound links currently on the referring page
    • The age of the page where the link is being posted
    • The trustworthiness and authoritativeness of the referring domain
    • The anchor text (the text you see highlighted on links) being used

    Backlinks are a lot like receiving a job reference. Each time another site references your site, a trust signal is passed to Google. The more authoritative sites that refer to your site, the more trustworthy (by association) your site is deemed to be. During the initial stage of link building, the focus is on creating a diverse backlink profile. We aim to gain links from topical, relevant sites that are closely related to your industry or niche.
    Here is a good rule of thumb when choosing your SEO Nairobi partner. If the company is not upfront and transparent about their link building practices, they are probably going black hat. We do not use private link networks or spammy sites for link building. We focus on relevant sites that are unique to each client.
    Content Strategy
    The quality and quantity of content on your site play a vital role in the way that your site stands in the SERPs. The most recent data reveals that the average length of content for pages that appear on the first page of Google is almost 1,900 words. For sites with hundreds (or thousands) of webpages, the task of generating that much content is frightening. As SEO specialists, it is our responsibility to get the most out of your content and guide you in creating scalable content.
    Optimise Page Titles
    Page titles (or titles tags) are amongst the most important ranking factors. Page titles must describe the purpose and content of your pages. Page titles must convey an accurate description of what is on each webpage while using your most important keywords. In addition to being an essential on-site ranking factor, page titles also play a meaningful role in the way that your website performs in the SEO results pages. Page titles can have a significant influence on how many users click through to your site.
    Meta Descriptions
    Contrary to popular opinion, meta descriptions don’t immediately impact your search rankings. In 2009, Google confirmed that they don’t include meta descriptions as a ranking determinant. Despite that, meta descriptions still play an indispensable role in transferring users from Google onto your site. While many SEO agencies don’t bother, we highly recommend optimising your meta descriptions for users. Just because meta descriptions do not instantly change where your website appears in the search engine rankings doesn’t mean that they don’t have a significant impact on how many users click through to your site.
    Local SEO Strategy
    Local SEO is one of the most powerful ways to attract highly-motivated leads to your website. For small to medium business, local SEO is an opportunity to take control of your local visibility and become immediately competitive within your area and niche. Local SEO Nairobi campaigns are our bread and butter. We love doing them because they generate insane ROI for our clients and turn small businesses into major local influencers in a relatively short amount of time.
    Internal Linking Structure
    For business owners that have partnered with an SEO consultant or SEO companies in the past or you have some knowledge working with SEO, then you understand that backlinks play an indispensable role in the way that your site shows up in Google. But did you know that you can use internal links (links between pages on your website) to create a hierarchy that can improve the way that search bots interpret and crawl your site?
    We highly recommend creating an internal linking structure for your site that will guarantee crawling robots know what the essential content on your website is. Interlinking is an effective way to improve your search visibility and indexation rate – At Nevin, we optimise your internal link structure for the best SEO result.
    Off-Site Optimisation
    Off-site SEO refers to everything that happens off your site that can affect your online presence and visibility. Google uses hundreds of different ranking factors when determining where websites will show up in the SEO results, optimising your site for off-site search means building an online presence for your website that will increase its authority, relevance, and reputation.
    Google My Business (GMB) Management & Optimisation
    Now more than ever, Google My Business plays an essential role in how your site performs in local SEO results. Google My Business (GMB) picks up from where successful crowdsource review websites like Yelp left off. As an SEO agency in Nairobi, we prioritise getting your GMB listing perfect – optimising your GMB listing is a significant aspect in controlling your local visibility. In 2020, many SEO companies will agree that Google My Business is the most crucial citation that your business can receive.