The Best Camping Sites in Kenya

Kenya has no shortage of great places to pitch your tent. Whether you want to rough it or whether you want a little luxury while getting back to nature and sleeping under the stars, here are some of the country’s top camping spots.

The Best Camping Sites in Kenya

1. Winning Ways

For over 10 years Camp Winning Ways has equipped over 7,000 youth between the ages of 11-18 with a wealth of knowledge in their camping sites as they majorly accommodate kid. At camp, children learn about compassion, responsibility, courage, and perseverance. Winning ways want them to know that they are capable of making an impact and that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Winning ways is basically a campsite for kids between the age of 11-18.


2. Rapids Camp

Rapids Camp is not only a camp but also an attraction for tourist and residents. Their major attraction is the beautiful irresistible waterfall, rocks within the camp, and amazing rapids not found easily and their manicured lawns.

Why you should visit Rapids camp:

  • They provide excellent Camping, Picnic & Water Sport facilities in Sagana, Kenya.
  • Their expansive manicured lawns are best for picnic groups.
  • They have, team building grounds and activities are one of the best in Kenya.

Tel: +254 732 308 026

Location: Sagana Town, Sagana Muranga Road.

3. Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens has hosted many weddings and corporate functions since its inception. This award-winning venture has often been featured on T.V in many programs including “The Wedding Show” and “Tahidi High” amongst others. It is an ideal location for any wedding, Photo shoot, or corporate event.

Services offered at paradise gardens:

  • Wedding
  • Picnic Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Filming and photography
  • Birthday
  • Horse riding
  • Horse Riding Tours
  • Team Building Events

Phone: +254 706 948 574 / +254 722 527 92

4. Elangata Olerai

Elangata Olerai is a luxury tented camp, a striking combination of contemporary style and comfort set in the heart of nature in the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is home to over 4 million animals and birds, making it one of the largest and most important wildlife sanctuaries not only in Africa but worldwide.

Activities at Elangata:

  • Maasai cultural dances.
  • Bush meals.
  • Camp bonfire.
  • Maasai village visits.
  • Guided nature walks


Tel: +254 722 514 081


Kids between the ages of 7-18 can enjoy overnight camps during their school holiday, and students ages 12-18 can participate in exciting events and opportunities for further connection and adventure with fellow students and BlueSky staff during the school year. Their activities help students embrace the adventure of learning new skills and conquering new challenges.  They design each activity to be an adventure that builds relationships with peers, staff, and the source of ALL adventure, Jesus.

Tel: +254708216519


Mala Mala campsite is located about 50 kms, South of Nairobi City on the rain shadow area (leeward side) of Ngong Hills. It is located between the territories of the Maasai community in a little known region along the Great Rift Valley called Nj’rooj. Where from the Eastern Side you enjoy beautiful view of the Ngong Hills and on the Western Side you see Ole Sayieti and Oloruka Hills with extra ordinary features and a serene environment. The Campsite has metamorphosed from grazing ground for Maasai herds to a tranquil home away from city life.


Budget Camping in Kenya:

  • Camping: Kshs 500 per night (per person) with own equipment
  • Picnics and outings – Kshs 100 per adult and 50/- per child (between 3-12 years) 7am- 7pm daily

Campers Package:

  • Single accommodation– Kshs 1,500 per person per night for a tent, mattress, blanket and bonfire. You may carry your bedsheets/ sleeping bags.
  • Double accommodation– Kshs 2000/- for 2 pax per night for a tent, mattress, blankets and bonfire. You may carry your bedsheets/ sleeping bags.

Facilities – bring your own or hire

Call: 0722 427 045 (WhatsApp) / 0722 392 999

7. Gatamaiyu

This beautiful area of forest marks the southernmost point of the Aberdares range, and is a large expanse of relatively undisturbed rainforest. It’s only 45 minutes’ drive from Nairobi so ideal for a day trip. It’s a community based set-up in collaboration with Kenyan Forestry Service and they have recently opened a number of hiking trails within the reserve that range from a couple of hours to up to six hours,

A stunning walk through the forest takes you to a river with misty waterfalls. If you look closely, you can see fresh elephant tracks or find delicate orchids hidden in between branches. The trails feel relatively untouched, with old rickety bridges spanning the river.

Call: 0727 336858


Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views are what the Chyulu Hills provide to nature lovers. Large mammals include buffalo, bushbucks, elands, elephants, leopards, giant forest hogs, bush pigs, reedbucks and giraffes along with various reptiles and insects. Horse riding, camping, mountain climbing and bird watching can be enjoyed in this hidden part of paradise.”

Park activities:

  • Bird watching
  • camping
  • Game viewing
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing

Mobile: 0718685809


9. Thomsons falls

Thomsons falls in Kenya is a tourist attraction site found in Nyahururu town in Kenya. Nyahururu town is approximately 240 km from Nairobi city of Kenya. Nyahururu Town in Kenya is found in Laikipia County in Kenya. Nyahururu is the highest town in Kenya at about 2360 m above sea level and it is near the Equator.

To get access to the Nyahururu Thomsons falls in Kenya, you pay entry charges that vary depending on your nationality. For Kenyan adults, the entrance charge at Thomsons Falls is Ksh 100 and for children who are Kenyan citizens, the entrance fee to Thomsons Falls is Ksh 50. For non Kenyans who want to get access to Nyahururu Thomsons falls in Kenya, you pay Ksh 200.

Phone: 0800 597 000


Carnelley’s is a tranquil and clean campsite with beautiful bushy grounds. The monkeys swing from the trees and the hippos graze on the pier. There are shelters with big tables and water provided in the camp so that their campers can still cook even when it is raining. They have plenty of powerful steaming hot showers and clean flushing toilets.

There is a great view of the lake wherever you are situated in the camp. Camp Carnelley’s is easily accessible to Naivasha town only 19 kilometres down the South Lake road and there is easy access to shops nearby. There is a terrific atmosphere in the camp which makes it so unique.

Activities offered:

  • Birdwatching
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Walking safari
  • Hell’s Gates National Park
  • Cycling safari
  • The Green Crater Lake Reserve
  • Crescent Island
  • Mountain climbing

Mobile: +254 (0) 796 841 149


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