The Best Language Schools in Nairobi Kenya

When you’re starting to learn a language, you’re probably wondering whether to sign up for a language course or classes. And these things cost money so it’s an important decision to make. To help you make the choice we will list the best language schools.

The Best Language Schools in Nairobi Kenya

The Best Language Schools in Nairobi Kenya

1. The Language School in Kenya

The Language School in Kenya Nairobi offers immersion language programs and other customized, short language courses in Kenya. They offer foreign language training, translation & interpretation services. Others are transcription services, language localization services, and language recruitment services.


Location: Chania Avenue, near Adlife Plaza, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya

2. ACK Language and Orientation School

ACK Language and Orientation school is the oldest and most authentic Language school in Kenya having been established in 1965. They offer a wide range of Language courses in Nairobi from beginner to advanced stages. Languages offered to include English, Kiswahili, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, etc.


Location: Bishops Road Opposite NSSF Building Nairobi


It was founded in the year 2007 and has more than 15 years of experience in teaching Foreign Languages. It offers practical and professional courses which are relevant to the 21st Century while embracing globalization by utilizing technology to reach out to students not only in Kenya but across the globe.


4. Nairobi Intercultural and Language School

The school has highly skilled and qualified language trainers to help you through the learning progress. Their programs include English, Kiswahili, IELTS, TOEFL, French, Mandarin, and Spanish.


Location: Lavington, James Gichuru RD, Nairobi, Kenya.

5. Consolata Language Centre

It comprises a fully equipped Amphitheatre with multimedia, internet, and video conferencing facilities, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 300-seated persons. Classroom pedagogical capacity of 14 students per session. A digital and multimedia language library. A language laboratory, fully equipped for training people for simultaneous translation, phonetics, pronunciation, and comprehension exercises.


Location: Seminary Road, Off Magadi Rd.

6. The Language Center (TLC)

The instructors are native or near native speakers of whichever languages they are teaching. The classes are small and manageable to meet the needs of each student. The founders have combined their skills and long experience to successfully set up and run the school. Languages include Kiswahili, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and a few of the local dialects.

Location: Ndemi Close / Ndemi Road off Ngong Road

7. Alliance Française

The Alliance Française is a language and cultural relations organization.  It was created in 1883 in Paris. The Alliance Française is the only accredited institution in Kenya for international and professional French language certification.  It is also the only officially recognized institution in Kenya for certified translations. The institution offers a rich programme of annual activities showcasing local and international Arts and encouraging creativity.


8. International Jaamia of Languages and Professional Studies

The institution is grounded on strong values that drive both the staff and students to aim at greater heights in life and impact positively on society. Benefits you get include after completing your course, you will be issued with a certificate that will be downloadable, and If you need a specific book to enhance your learning, they have your back.


Location: Kenda House, Tom Mboya St, Nairobi, Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn a language?

The correct answer is: “it depends,” but you probably already knew that. The next and most accurate answer is that it can take anywhere between three months to two years to learn how to speak, write, and read in a new language fluently.

Which foreign language is the most marketable?

Specifically, Spanish is the most marketable language by far, with 528 jobs (or 75.97%) requesting the language.

Which language is in high demand?

English is the lingua franca of business and academia. It\’s spoken in 94 countries by 339 million native speakers and is the official language of the 20 most relevant international organizations, making it a very widespread language.

Which language is hardest to learn?

Hungarian – It’s a famously difficult language for English speakers to learn, with complex grammar and pronunciation. In the Hungarian language, there are 14 vowels with slight differences in pronunciation.

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