The Best Poultry Farms in Kenya

Are you looking for poultry farms to perhaps buy farm equipment like cages or do you want to buy chicks to start your own journey in poultry then look no more because we have listed the top 8 poultry farms in Kenya in no particular order?

The Best Poultry Farms in Kenya

1. Engoho Kuku Farmer

“Engoho Kuku Farmer\’s dream is to make commercial smallholder farming profitable and sustainable. We believe that everyone has a right decent and consistent income no matter how few resources they have.

We develop and supply farming technologies, equipment, and services that increase farming productivity and reduce costs. Our cages are made of high-quality galvanized wire. The cubicles have been made big enough to avoid cage fatigue, a condition characterized by paralysis of legs due to low calcium levels.”

Cage Specifications:

  • Capacity: 128 hens
  • A type cage with 4 tiers
  • stocking: 4 hens per cubicle
  • Free delivery, installation and after sales support

PRICE: KSH 35,000


2. Ziwani Poultry Farm

Ziwani Poultry Farm is located in Thika, Central Kenya. It all started as a hobby importing eggs from abroad to improve the local indigenous chicken. We offers a wide range of kienyeji and rare breed day old chicks and fertile hatching eggs, we sell KARI and Kuroiler chicks. Although we work closely with KALRO (formally KARI)

we are a unique and independent supplier of high-quality poultry hatching eggs and chicks in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Our aim is to improve Kenya poultry farming by breeding superior Indigenous (Kienyeji) breeds and sell our products at a competitive price to increase consumption of eggs and chicken.

+ (254) 0708923991

3. Neochicks

“At Neochicks, we understand that many Poultry farmers in Kenya are small to medium scale farmers. With this understanding, we endeavor everyday to provide affordable solutions that enhance the productivity of the farmers activities. There is still a wide market that is still unexploited in Kenya. From recent research, it is estimated that, currently, the demand for poultry products in Kenya exceeds the supply by more than five times.\”

The sole basis foundation of Neochicks is to address two questions:

1) How can they ensure that the demand-supply gap is closed up or narrowed down?

2) Where is the demand that is stipulated in the above mentioned research.

If you wish to venture in Poultry farming, purchase an Incubator, Chicks, Feeds or any poultry related product, Contact Us or Call us on 0707787884.

4. Mwathana Farm

“Stella Mwathana Farm is a farm focused on Poultry farming and the production of eggs. Our nutritious breed of poultry birds are sought after all over the country. Our intensive rearing process of poultry feeds and animals are top notch in ensuring that top quality eggs and chicken. Our top quality and customer service have earned us the No 1 spot in the mind of our customers.


5. Ecochicks

“Ecochicks Egg Incubators and Hatchers are designed to the needs of breeders wanting to produce their own chicken on both a small, medium and large scale.

Eggs incubators in Nairobi Kenya come in different capacities and sizes. At Ecochicks we supply incubators from 60 eggs to over 20000 eggs. Our incubators have high hatch-ability, fully automatic, low power consumption and of high quality. We have supplied them all over Kenya and East Africa.”

Phone: 0727087285 / 0723957547


Location: Wakulima House – K.P.C.U Building 3rd Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya


“We are a leading Supplier of egg incubators, feeders, drinkers and other poultry equipment. In addition, we hatch and sell day old; week old; month chicks, chicken meat and fertilized eggs. Having a passion for farming and an engineering background, we started making incubators for easy and convenient chicken production.

Having a passion for farming we are a leading Provider of Structure construction, Marianeted Chicken and Broilers, Consultancy, Farm Setting Up, Greenhouse construction, Public Health Pest Control, Fumigation, Public Health Pest Control, Structural Pest Control, Dripping Irrigation, Soil Testing.”


Phone: 0719 297 328

7. Kenchic Limited

“Kenchic Limited is the leading producer of poultry in East and Central Africa. At Kenchic we place the highest priority of the birds we farm. Our farming practices conform not only to Kenyan standards but also to the European Union and World Health Organization requirements. Every aspect of our business is aligned to a programme we call Farm to Fork. Three areas of strength set Kenchic apart from other poultry businesses:

Three (3) important aspects that distinguish Kenchic from the rest of the meat processing companies are:-

  • We breed and supply high-quality chicks to thousands of poultry farmers in the region.
  • We breed and process the highest quality chicken meat for retail, fast foods, catering and economy segments of the market.
  • We are custodians of a strong and vibrant consumer brand. Kenchic is one of Kenya’s leading consumer brands.


8. NextGen Poultry Solution

“NextGen Poultry Solution has been operating since 2010 and we start with 3 chicken and it grew to become a big business. We offer strong, healthy and vaccinated Kari Kienyeji Chicks of various breeds and of varied ages. We usually start selling the chicks once they are 3 days old so as to make sure we vaccinate them and also to make sure that we are read.

This it to make sure that when we sell that chick to you it will survive as how you handle the chick when hatched matters a lot. We’ve three days old, one week old, fortnight old and even month old chicks for Improved Kienyeji, normal kienyeji, layers, broilers, kenbro,  Kuroiler, ducks and Turkey.

For booking call us on 0792936038

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