How Much Does a Website Cost in Kenya?

How Much Does a Website Cost in Kenya?

by ND June 18, 2020
Website Cost in Kenya

How Much Does a Website Cost in Kenya?

Technology has made the world a small village. And the internet takes much of this credit. Within the shortest time, we can be able to know what is really happening in any part of this world. And social media has really played a big role in this. Increased use of social media made being online a necessity. If aren’t on any of the social sites you might well consider yourself “left behind”.

Over the recent years access to smart phones has really increased. As a result, majority of smart phone owners can conveniently access the internet. This has also been made possible with high internet speeds from 4G technology and can only get better with 5G in the pipeline.

Many have been using the internet to do research before decision making. Especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. From the comfort of your house you can be able to get all the information needed to choose among the several available brands.

Therefore having a website has become is a necessity specifically for businesses. You may use it a various ways;

  • As an online shop where your customers can buy your products.
  • Create a one stop shop for all the information regarding the services you offer.
  • Help in increasing your brand visibility.
  • The best marketing tool in the 21st

Especially when it comes to marketing, almost everything has gone online. Since majority of the target audience is found online. As compared to all other traditional marketing methods such as radio and TV advertising, one on one marketing, online marketing is relatively cheap and less time consuming. I will dive a bit deeper on this when explaining some of the online marketing methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, best known as digital marketing.

So what is the cost of creating a website? And how much does a website really cost in Kenya? The cost of a website will greatly vary depending on a number of factors. Therefore to answer this question, we will have to look at some of the things that a web agency will consider before charging you a specific amount as the cost of a website.

1. Nature of the website

An ecommerce website will be more costly than a simple law cleaning services website. Therefore your industry and service niche may have some say in what it will cost you to build. Let me explain. What I mean by a simple website is, it just gives information about who you, services you deal in, contact details and location. So the main purpose of this website is to give more information about your company to people who are interested to know or to transact with you.

For an ecommerce, the main purpose is to sell online. So in addition to providing information about your location, contact details and what you do, web visitors can be able to make purchases directly from this platform. I know most of you know what I mean.

So what causes the difference in cost? First, configuring an ecommerce needs extra skills and time. Secondly, the number of products sold in most cases is very big, which means more time will be spend on it. We also have other things like ensuring security of the client information so that it’s not accessible by unauthorized users. Then the whole part of configuring payment methods, notifications both to client and seller etc.

So in simple words, an ecommerce website will require more work input which translates directly to high cost.

2. Size of the website.

What I mean with size of the website is number of pages. More pages may mean high cost. For instance, if you need a moving services website, that may not exceed 10 pages for all the services pages and homepage. But if you need a travel agency website, you may find they have more than 30 different packages each of which will require a specific page.

3. Custom websites.

The cost of custom websites tends to always be high depending on the requirements. A custom website is one on which the owner has specific needs which he wants it to perform. A good example will be a platform to compare insurance quotes in real time. This is what I mean. Say you need an insurance for your car, so you visit this website online, once on it, you have to enter the value of your car, enter your contact details then they show you what you will be charged by different insurance companies.

You see this is not just a simple website where you are displaying information. But it’s doing something more than that. That is just a single scenario but each client may have different needs.

4. Support and Maintenance.

A company that provides free support and maintenance may charge a relatively high fee on the initial cost. But the good thing about it is you will not be required to make new payments every time you request for support or you need minor changes to be made on the website. This may include but not limited to changing the text description or adding a new page, updating contact details and location etc. So be sure to ask about support and maintenance fee before entering into a contract agreement.

Below is the website cost breakdown in terms of range based on the above listed factors;

Simple information websites (Depending on number of pages)Ksh. 30, 000 – Ksh. 70, 000
Ecommerce websitesFrom Ksh. 50, 000
Custom websitesFrom Ksh. 50, 000


But before you leave here is a bonus thought!

But why should you pay and have a website that is not adding any value to your business? What I mean is just because you a website does not directly translate to more business. You still need to promote your website content for it to be found by users. That is where Search Engine Optimsation comes in.

Without SEO, nobody may ever know that such a website exists. Earning money or clients finding you through your website does not happen automatically. It is work. Arguably more work and time than even the development of the website itself.

So what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. This is according to Moz.

So if you are into the market searching for a website developer with the intent of increasing business profitability, then be sure to hire someone who really understands SEO. Since they will be developing you a website, you have a high bargaining power to lower the cost since you will be going for two products.

Allow me to say this, having a website without SEO unless you are planning to do Google ads, is the most wasteful investment you will ever make. It will be good if you gave your employees a bonus and be motivated to work harder. This is for business creating one for the purposes of increasing the leads and company profitability.

Lastly here is a full breakdown of the website features we will consider when charging you.

Website Features
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited sub domain
Unlimited databases
Number of pages
Ability to add more pages in future
E-commerce ready
SMS integration
Unlimited product images and categories
Email notification integration
Shopping cart integration
Order management
Manageable content and images
Classy and fashioned
Drop down menu structure
Excellent User Management with privileges and rights e.g.

Administrator, Manager, Editor etc

Contact Us Forms
Search functionality
Online Forms (enquiry forms, registration forms, quotation forms)
Downloads support and PDF Support
Login Form and Account Creation / Membership Registration


Photo gallery fancy box / Light Box
Advanced  Products Display
Mail integration and Management from site
Enhanced Back end
News Scrollers and moving Updates column
Social Media Creation:

☑  face book

☑  twitter

☑  Google+ etc

Social Media Integration:

☑  face book

☑  twitter

Google+ etc

Excellent Multimedia Management

(images, video and audio playbacks)

Newsletter System implementation
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Advanced products Search by categories
Website Tracking

☑  Tracking analytics

☑  Real time visits and Hits

☑  Visits per county, browser etc

☑ Analytics reports monthly, weekly, daily reports.

Testing and Revisions

☑  Training on Mails

☑  Training on CMS use

Training on user management and levels

You could also check what we have to offer in terms of web design and SEO services.  Drop a comment and let me know what you think, ask a question or mention something I have missed.

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